The Pet Adoption FAQ

What is the AllPaws iPhone app?

Adopt a Maltese Dog

The AllPaws iPhone App is the best way to find a pet to adopt with your iPhone, brought to you by a team of animal lovers.

How do I contact a shelter or rescue about a pet I'm interested in?

Adopt a Dog, Cat, Bunny or Parrot

Easy, just tap “Send Message” on the pet’s profile. You can also tap on the “Contact” tab on a pet’s profile, and use the contact information displayed there to get in touch.

How do I help more pets get adopted while using the app?

Adopt a Puppy

You can help pets get adopted by tapping “Share” in the top right corner of a pet's profile. You will then have the option to share the pet on Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail.

How can I keep track of the pets I like using the AllPaws app?

Adopt a Kitten

When you come across a pet you like on the iPhone app, tap the heart icon OR the “Add to Favorites” button and the profile will be saved to your “Favorites.”

How do I search for a specific pet type or breed?

Adopt a Small Dog

Tap “Search” in the top right corner of the app when browsing pets, and from there you can narrow down pet type, breed, and much more.

Where do the listings come from on the AllPaws app?

Adopt a Parakeet Bird

Most of our listings come from recognized animal shelter and rescue organizations across the United States and Canada. Sometimes, we do get listings from individuals.